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Climinax Premature Ejaculation Pills

Last up to 5 - 10 times longer with safe natural Climinax!


How would you like to impress your partner by being able to last longer and give her the best sex of her life - every night!

Premature ejaculation is one of man's oldest sexual problems. It happens when you ejaculate too soon before your partner is truly satisfied.

The premature ejaculation problem

Premature Ejaculation can shatter an otherwise good relationships and make her go to another guy to get what she needs and wants. Over half the male population experience the frustrating problem of premature ejacualtion but new science is starting to study it, coming up with new formulas for stopping premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation solution

In many asian countries, different herbs have been used to help men relax and gain more control over themselves.

In the west, however, few effective premature ejaculation treatments have been developed. Injections typically dull the penis and you lose feeling - not a good solution!

And with creams you have to keep applying them and make your partner aware of the problem.

The new Climinax uses time tested and scientifically proven herbals to help you relax the "smoothe muscles" that contract when you start reaching the point of no return.

How does it work?

Climinax will also stimulate the pleasure centers of your brain so you enjoy sex more and are less likely to finish too fast. The herbs in Climinax has undergone over 50 independent researches and all point to their amazing effectiveness.

Bodybuilders have used the same herbs in Climinax to help them stay relaxed and lift more weight and increase their stamina - only now you can use these herbs to become an amazing lover.


The main herb in Climinax is called Passion Flower extract. It has been used in China for thousands of years to cure premature ejaculation and help men last up to 20 minutes longer.

Passiflower produces an extract called Chrysalin which has been shown in research to positively effect your sleep, moods, anxiety, aggression and sexual behavior.

Start taking Climinax today and you can expect:

  • Total sexual satisfaction between you and your partner
  • Your partner to brag about your amazing sexual performance
  • To gain an edge over most other guys who only last 2-3 minutes.


Take one Climinax premature ejaculation pill 30 minutes to one hour before sex and you will last 5 to 10 times longer than before.

The best part about Climinax is that it will "train" your body to expect to last longer and you will develop total control over your ejaculations even when you finish taking Climinax. Try Climinax for at least 3 month and see what you can gain.

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