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Natural Penis Enlargement Questions & Answers

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The following are common questions I see asked on penis enlargement forums, and questions people have asked me through emails.

Does penis enlargement really work?

Yes it does. If it did not work, many penis enlargement companies would be out of business by now. Penis enlargement is based on the results of others, and with giant online forums like the one at PenisHealth, word is spreading fast.

How does natural penis enlargement work?

To learn more about how the penis and enlargement works, read up at my article on penis anatomy.

Does penis size really matter?

Size matters if it affects your confidence and how you act around women. Read my report on what women had to say when I asked them "does size matter?"

What is wrong with being average?
Nothing. If you are happy with having an average penis size, then there is nothing wrong with that. But ask yourself, why settle for being average when you can be bigger than most men?

You don't want just an average sex life, looks or a girlfriend. You can start using the methods I describe on this site to enlarge your penis naturally.

Does natural penis enlargement work no matter my size?

Yes it does. Whether you are 9 inches or 4 inches, there is a penis enlargement system guaranteed to work for you. Your age and race have no effect on the gains you can make.

I have seen reports of men of 5 inches having increased to 7 inches, and men of 8 inches have increased as well.

What size should I stop at?
The average man using the SizeGenetics system will gain up to 4 inches in length and girth. Once you have achieved the size that you want, you should stop enlarging.

Some women will find a size larger than 8.5 inches uncomfortable. However, if you want to take yourself above this level, then the SizeGenetics can take you where you want to go.

Are the results permanent?

Yes. Once you reach the size that you want, you can totally stop enlarging your penis.

More immediate sexual benefits are possible, ProSolution pills can give you harder erections that laster longer in just 30 minutes of taking them. You will notice actual size gains after a week or two.

Is natural penis enlargement safe?

Yes. Remember however that your gains won't show up overnight. A few months dedicated to penis enlargement will bring you as much as a few inches in length and girth. Stay away from pumps, weights and surgery, and stick to natural exercise methods like those discussed at PenisHealth, and you will be following expert doctor advice on the correct ways to enlarge your penis.

A traction device is also safe way to see gains. A device will work faster than exercises, and I found the SizeGenetics stretcher comfortable enough to wear in my sleep. For more on this topic, read more about penis enlargement device safety.

Pills are also usually safe to take. They are herbal supplements and cause no side effects. Take the ProSolution pills daily and you will notice stronger erection strength and better orgasms.

What makes some products "doctor approved?"

Doctor approved products help people feel more at ease about trying a product, since a real doctor gives his full recommendation on the ingredients of effectiveness of it.

A doctor will endorse a penis enlargement product for two reasons. First, they believe in the product and have seen positive results from their own patients.

The second reason would be because a company approaches a doctor with a possible fee for endorsing a product. This does not happen very often. Normally as the doctor will not agree to such a deal. However it can happen.

I have taken care to only review products not only endorsed by real doctors for the right reasons, but that also have a good amount of published research on the product or its ingredients.

What products should I trust?

You should lend your trust to whatever seems appropriate to your lifestyle. For instance most of the emails I receive are from people who have had success with the SizeGenetics extender. People of course use other products but right now, the extender is working for a lot of people.