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Basic anatomy of the penis - How the penis works

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Let's see how the penis works, to understand how we can enlarge it. Your penis is made up of 3 main areas: 2 large chambers on the top ( the technical term for this is the Corpora Cavernosa ), and 1 smaller chamber on the bottom ( the Corpus spongiosum ). See picture below.


penis anatomy
Image courtesy of the SizeGenetics penis enlargement system

How erections work

When you gain an erection, the Corpora Cavernosa fills with blood. During an erection, muscles at the base of the penis flex to allow blood in but not back out. This results in the Corpora Cavernosa filling to capacity.

This is also where where 90% of all blood is held each and every time you gain an erection. The Corpus spongiosum is the other of the 3 chambers which is used when you urinate and ejaculate.

Your erections are currently limited in size

Right now, your penis size is limited in both length and girth (or thickness). Your current Corpora Cavernosa size determines the maximum amount of blood that can fill it. Logically, the only way to enlarge your penis is to enlarge the Corpora Cavernosa.

The SizeGenetics device will stretch the Corpora Cavernosa in both length and girth. Since the penis itself has no muscles, it must be stretched regularly to make it bigger. Aside from enlargement, the bonus exercise guide has special exercises that will improve your overall penis health.

What you want is to enlarge the penis, and allow more blood to fill it, so the overall effect is a bigger, harder and more pleasing erection.

Optionall, ProSolution pills are an erection enhancer that will increase blood flow, while their exercise guide can also be used to permanently increase your size. Either method is sure to bring fabulous results.

Erectile dysfunction

This is a medical name for "weak erections". The problem usually happens when blood isn't reaching some of the more narrow blood vessels of the penis (see picture above).

Again, these spaces can be stretched and opened up through natural exercises like those at PenisHealth. Not only will these areas be getting a good workout, but healthy new tissue will develop and blood can fill them, improving the erection quality and arousal rate.