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Why use one approach when you can use two ?

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Many questions cross the mind of any man seriously considering enlarging his penis.

Which product should I try? Will it really work?

The fear is erased when you know a little about how penis enlargement works. Know this simple fact that the penis can in fact grow, and it is all based on slow but steady penis stretching.

Penis stretching

penis traction deviceFor the penis to get bigger, it needs to undergo a light but constant stretching, to stretch the fibers and tissues that make up the penis, and force them to adapt to the stress.

This is best done when combining the two best methods of penis enlargement, the penis traction device (pictured right) and penis enlargement exercises.

Combining methods

While you CAN see results with either a traction device OR just exercises, but results will come much faster when you combine the two.

This is because neither method works in exactly the same way, and also because the penis is stubborn. You really have to force it to grow. Both methods attack the job of stretching your penis in different ways.

How each methods fits into the equation

Device: The traction device is used for 2-5 hours a day and provides the raw stretching power so your penis can grow fast.

Exercises: Exercises are also used for penis stretching but they are best used to toning and improving the overall penile fitness.

Combine the two and you have a superior penis enlargement program to add up to a full inch in just 1-3 months.

SizeGenetics for ultimate penis enlargement

Luckily, the folks at SizeGenetics have developed a truly incredible program that combines a brand new and unique device as well as penis exercises to give you the best possible chances of seeing results quickly.

With correct use of the device (by following the manual) users will see a massive increase in length and girth.

Using the exercises on top of wearing the device, you will notice much faster growth as well as a myriad of other sexual benefits only possible through penis exercises.

Simply put, both techniques work together to give you a much bigger and stronger penis in the shortest time possible.

The SizeGenetics traction device is typically worn for 2-3 hours a day but can be worn for up to 12 hours a day (to let the effects set in while your penis heals from the workout).

Benefits of using penis exercises

The exercises can be used to stretch the penis even more not to mention improving erection hardness, sexual desire, more sensitivity for more pleasure, and more semen volume for longer lasting and intense orgasms.

With SizeGenetics on your side, you can be her longer lasting, multi orgasmic lover that she will want to have sex with again and again!

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