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Does Penis Size Really Matter To Women?

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You have no doubt heard that 'size does not matter' and 'it's about how you use it'. The saying is common in our society but of course no woman will tell her partner his penis size is small. After all this would probably offend him.

For years I felt invisible to women because of my lack in penis size and sexual experience. I suppose the good that has come from that is that I have been fortunate enough to listen in on many comments from my then female friends about what they REALLY think about penis size. LoveCentria also helped a ton when I needed some tips on approaching women for real.

Here are just a few of the questions that have popped up in my conversations about size with women. Some of their answers are quite revealing so please read on.

Q.    Do you rate size?

   I do completely.  It is as simple as that.  The bigger the better.  Men with small penis' just aren't as satisfying as larger men.  For some reason I don't find them as sexy or manly.

Q.  Have you ever had a great lover who wasn't particularly large?

H   No

E    An O.K one I guess but nothing special

J    An average one I suppose- but as we said who wants to be average?

Q.    Some people say it's what you do with it that counts?

H    BS!  It is up to a point but no you can't do it with a really small penis full stop.  No satisfaction what so ever- doesn't even touch the sides.

Q.    What are your opinions on penis enlargement pills?

   I think they are fantastic.  I totally support them and respect all the men that have have used them to benefit them.  I have never met a man who has admitted to me that they have used them- but then I guess that is no surprise, but I bet I have slept with a few who have- good on them.  I think these such men are more flexible in their love making and can last longer.

E    This is the first I have heard of it- but yeah from what these two have said it sounds great.

Q. So in conclusion does size matter?

   I think I can speak for all when I say; Completely and utterly.  I don't mean to give anyone a complex- but I know that most men would like to think they were amazing in bed.   You are lacking one major thing if you don't have a large, thick penis. If you do have one naturally then you are blessed- if you don't then you should do something about it.

Don't risk your lover looking elsewhere because of a small penis size or faulty lovemaking skills.

Also, why not improve on something that is already good?

Before I met my female friends, I had no idea how important penis size was to them. Since then I have tried lots of ways to enlarge my penis and only with SizeGenetics was I finally able to gain the size I wanted.

What a boost in confidence! The main difference for me was that before, I was only friends with hot women, and I was frustrated, never feeling I could fully satisfy them.. That I wasn't "man" enough for them. Now, I approach and date hot women like these all the time, and life is much better.

LoveCentria also helped me improve my game too, because a bigger penis isn't the final answer, so read up guys and enjoy :)